Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate studies at the Department of Public Health Policy

The Undergraduate Program of Studies of the Department of Public Health Policy will host the first students in October 2021.

The Undergraduate Program of Studies of the Department of Public Health Policy is the only undergraduate program of Public Health Policies in the country. It was designed on the basis of contemporary trends in Public Health, considering for educational guidelines from international public health organizations, as well as traditional and modern Curricula in Public Health policies worldwide.

The aim of the Program is to provide a modern, comprehensive view of traditional and, above all, contemporary public health problems, as a way of defending the health of the population, and a means of maintaining and promoting human capital in the country.

The Program responds to the cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary nature of Public Health Policies, by providing comprehensive (interdisciplinary) training for the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of cross-sectoral Public Health policies on key issues such as:

  • epidemiological surveillance, prevention and management of chronic and infectious diseases,
  • improving health-related quality of life, well-being and healthy aging,
  • occupational and environmental health,
  • organization, management and evaluation of health systems,

considering modern public health challenges, technological developments in data and information management and communication, sustainability and population movements and global climate change.